This event draws thousands from around Broadview to eat, mingle, shop and celebrate--

Grilled Hot Dogs and Brats

Ice Cream Sundaes and Waffle Cones

Old-fashioned Baked Goods & Pies

Espresso and Italian Soda

Athena's Greek Favorites
Delicious Greek sandwiches, salads, and sides.

Crepe A Licious
French Meal and Dessert Crepes.

Filipino Delights
Chicken Adobo, Lumpia (egg roll), Rice
Empanada, Leche Flan and Pansit

Classic Catering
Gourmet Hamburgers, Salmon Caesar
and Seasoned Fries.

Hispanic Foods
Carne Asada, Tacos de Pollo, Tacos de Puerco,
Tacos de Asada, Pozole, Elotes (corn on cob)
and Salvadorian Pupusas (Sunday only).

Hawaii's Donut
Malasadas, Long Johns, and Hawaiian Lemonade!